SMAI Economy Bar 20KG

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The SMAI Economy barbell is finished in a black oxide coating with the collars finished in hard chrome and locked into place using snap springs to ensure they do not come loose over a lifetime of use. It boasts a deep and secure grip when bare, providing an excellent choice for bar security and control. When chalked, the knurling is highlighted even further, providing an uncompromising grip without the aggressive sting of other bars out on the market.

Complimented by quality gel-lubricated Copper Alloy bushings for smooth rotation the SMAI Economy Bar is the best value all-purpose training Olympic barbell for athletes, CrossFitters, Affiliates, home gyms, and fitness enthusiasts. Knurling Severity: Medium Knurling Feel: Deep

We have conducted extensive hydraulic testing on the strength and reliability of the bar over a 72-hour period at 300kg pressure for 7500 repetitions without deformation and have rated the bar at 230kg (500lb) which is more than enough for all cross-fit training requirements and a great value bar when setting up your cross fit box.

Diameter: 28.5mm Length: 86”/ 2184mm Loadable sleeve length: 380mm

Price (incl. VAT): R 1999,00



The SMAI 20kg Economy barbells are warranted for any manufacturing faults affecting their structural integrity. This warranty is valid for 1 year so long as the barbell’s end caps are straight and intact as well as falling within the category of what we consider to be “correctly maintained”. Both of the SMAI barbells have specific load ratings (1500lbs or 500lbs) and as such have been put through extensive testing to attain this rating. Therefore we have deemed any bars that are bent without returning to their original straight position are highly unlikely to be due to a manufacturing fault. In our experience bending is generally due to misuse of the bar. Some examples of misuse may include, but are not limited to:

  • Dropping unevenly onto spotting arms, a power rack or a box etc.
  • Dropping or hitting the bar’s end cap
  • Dropping an empty bar on the ground
  • Leaving the bar stored with weight plates on the collars
  • Dropping on the ground and one side of the bar hitting contacting the ground before the plates