SMAI Wall Ball

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SMAI wall balls are constructed to a very high standard and are weight balanced using the best possible materials for commercial use. The wall balls have a manufacturing warranty for the structural integrity of the ball if it is used on a non-abrasive surface and has not been slammed. This warranty covers the item for a period of 6 months from date of purchase.

Please note: Misuse will not be warranted as this is not deemed a manufacturing fault.

Wall balls are not designed to be used on any abrasive surfaces as this will wear the vinyl on the seams and cause the ball to fail. We recommend for the wall balls to be used in conjunction with our SMAI wall ball targets or on a wall surface that has been painted to give it a smooth non-abrasive finish. Use on abrasive surfaces or slamming of the balls will void the warranty.


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The new SMAI wall ball has been improved in construction design and built to withstand high impact which occurs during repetitive wall target work or partner drills. The SMAI ball is 14” in diameter and correctly weighted for a balanced ball and is filled with recycled rubber granules and polyester fibre. The overall feel and reinforcement of all the seams and joints gives you a quality wall ball that will keep its shape and balance over time. Simple in design, effective in nature, the 14” SMAI wall balls are a great buy. Wall balls are used first and foremost for high repetition throws to a height of 2.8m (women) or 3.1m (men) in CrossFit or functional fitness training. They are also great as an alternative for medicine balls when throwing back and forth with a partner or using as weight resistance.

The SMAI wall balls are renowned for their:

  • Even weight distribution
  • Soft foam inside layer making impact less dramatic
  • and a unique shape making it easier to throw/catch

(Note – when using this ball on a rough surface or exposed edges the vinyl will wear out and can cause the seams to split)






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