Dieselfit Iso-Lateral Seated Row

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  • Muscle Engagement: It targets the muscles of the back, including the latissimus dorsi, rhomboids, trapezius, and rear deltoids. By using a rowing motion, it engages a large portion of the upper and mid-back muscles, promoting balanced muscle development.
  • Bilateral and Unilateral Training: “Iso-Lateral” indicates that the exercise can be performed unilaterally (one side at a time) or bilaterally (both sides together). This allows for addressing muscle imbalances, which are common in the back muscles. Unilateral training helps in targeting and correcting discrepancies between the left and right sides of the body.
  • Stabilization: The exercise requires proper stabilization of the core and lower back muscles to maintain a stable position while performing the rowing motion. This helps improve core strength and stability.
  • Reduced Imbalances: By using separate weight stacks for each arm, the Iso-Lateral Seated Row can help correct strength imbalances between the left and right sides of the back. This is particularly beneficial for individuals who may have a stronger or weaker side due to various reasons.
  • Safety: Using gym equipment, like the Iso-Lateral Seated Row machine, provides a controlled environment for performing the exercise safely. This can be especially helpful for individuals who are new to strength training or those recovering from injuries.
  • Isolation of Target Muscles: The design of the machine allows for relatively isolated targeting of the back muscles, minimizing the involvement of other muscle groups. This isolation can be beneficial for individuals who want to focus specifically on their back muscles without involving secondary muscles.
  • Progressive Overload: The machine offers the ability to incrementally increase the resistance, allowing for progressive overload—a fundamental principle in strength training. This helps in continuously challenging the muscles and promoting strength gains over time.


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The iso-lateral Seated Row targets and strengthens the back muscles. This iso-lateral bicep curl can be used with plates & bungee cords. It also comes with swivel handles and the benefits are:

This machine comes with swivel handles and the benefits are:

  • Enhances range of motion.
  • Reduced strain on joints.
  • The swiveling motion of the handle requires your stabilizer muscles to work to maintain control during the exercise.
  • It helps prevent muscle imbalances by allowing your joints to move in a more natural and unrestricted manner.