Tank Resistance Sled

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Nothing is more functional than feet on the ground training your body in real world, not simulated, athletic movements. Increase speed, acceleration, and explosive power on the surface you play on. Drive the Gym Gear TANK on the football field, running track, basketball court, or carpet. Whatever shoes your sport calls for, The Gym Gear Tank allows you to train in them.

Price (incl. VAT): R 19 500,00

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H.I.I.T – You can select from different levels of resistance and perform bursts of acceleration and speed, varying the intensity in different runs or within the same run.

Safety – Resistance that feels dangerous can be backed down instantly during the run to a level that feels safer.

Surface Friendly – Inflated soft wheels are gentle on carpeting, hardwood, and natural turf grass.

Bi-directional – Resistance is supplied in both directions eliminating the need to turn the TANK around. This narrows the path required for your “TANK ZONE”.